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Hello and welcome to this WordPress Blog, conjured into existence entirely by my clever wife Linda, because I possess the I.T. skills of a loosely nailed down floorboard. I am, however, capable of creating and performing poetry. You will find examples of my spoken and written poetry in other sections.

INTO 2015

A nice man called Terry Mechan, who saw me doing some poetry in December at the Prince Albert in Rodborough, came round to the house with his recording equipment. The resultant interview and poems were broadcast on B.B.C. Radio Gloucestershire, Swindon and Bristol community radio and can still be listened to on

On Sunday, January 18th, my poem ‘The Ladies Of The Charity Shop’ was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Poetry Please’. The theme of the programme is ‘Poems to make you laugh’ and includes verses from, amongst others, Roger McGough, Michael Rosen, Adrian Mitchell, Wendy Cope, Kit Wright, Clive James, Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage. It will be repeated on Saturday, January 24th & will be available on play-back for seven days.

In Spring I entered a competition mainly for stand-up comics, run by Leicester Square Theatre, which took place at the Museum of Comedy in Bloomsbury and managed to make it as far as the semi-finals, which was educational, to say the least.

Am currently working on a one-man show entitled ‘Wyton Wisdom’, a flexible format featuring both Page and Stage Poems. If you’re interested, ask for details on


(From Jon Stallworthy, editor of The New Oxford Book Of War Poetry)

‘Our knowledge of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan derived as much from newspapers & T.V. images as from the spoken & written word. Many poems from or about those wars have been published on both sides of the Atlantic & beyond, but all the precedents suggest that the definitive poems from those conflicts have yet to be written, with, I suggest, one exception, Peter Wyton’s ‘Unmentioned In Dispatches’.


The Oxford Learning Institute has listed my collection ‘Not All Men Are From Mars’ amongst a number of works available to Springboard Resources For Personal & Professional Development, who further gender equality through professional development for women. The Springboard Programme is for staff and postgraduate students and a mentoring programme, ad feminam, for women academics and admin staff who are interested in exploring their potential for leadership.






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